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Foam lamps, sparkling a future. Why event planning.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Why event planning?

The short answer; seeing a creative vision come to life is a great fulfilling satisfaction, and getting to create that for a client-gives you “super powers”.

I feel like a super hero.

I started “creating” events back at church, at the age of 14, I was a Sunday Bible school teacher for little kids. I enjoyed putting up together little “parties” for my students. From there, I began serving in the “decorating” committee. Every Christmas, Passover , Special Campaigns, etc. I was there from the time we chose a theme, to when we laid out the curtains on the floor, ironing every corner of them, until the last pin was put up against the wall, holding the 50ft. long , beautiful and colorful curtains that would cover our backdrop wall and transform our pulpit into a magical presenting stage- of course it was never that, I could get quite the discipline if I called it a “stage”.

“In the mind of a creator, we seize every opportunity to transform a white canvas into a Picasso piece”, at least that’s how I saw it. Even the church’s pulpit.

Going forward to my first “big event”, I was 15 - when I planned and executed the baby shower of my little cousin to be. As the first female cousin in the family, my cousin was destined to have a magical, memorable “not seen before” (literally) , baby shower.

I went on “decor hunting” with my grandmother for weeks. We crafted the center pieces out of round foam disposable ice coolers , we turned them upside down, utilizing an empty paper towel roll as the connecting tube, and the lid of the cooler was our base. We then spray painted them and glued cartoon animals on them, and all put together , they turned out to be the most beautiful foam- kid lamps you could ever find. Having spent those weeks crafting and searching for ideas with my grandmother, made me realize how much I love this “thing” about putting events together. These foam lamps sparkled something inside me.

Foam Lamps & Princess Cake

At the time, my aunt Delia, was living in Florida, every-time she would come home, it was like I got to play “party planner” with her. She was another of my biggest inspirations when it comes to party planning- my aunt would celebrate the butterflies that weren’t born yet, in other words- she loved to throw parties , and I was right there , side by side learning her tricks and techniques and even learning how to craft my own decorations, she was a pro at that.

I always loved her scrapbooks ; they were like big magical stories inside this beautiful book.

When you are raised religious, into a very traditional, christian family, like I did, you are taught to “pray & wait” for god’s way…at that age, I must confess my mind and heart went into places I could only now define as “my invisible visual board” - you probably have yours in your home office , or in your bedroom and you look at it every day calling it into existence. Mine- has always been more of a “state of mind”, a “different realm” if you must. I always liked to day dream, picturing myself walking into a big ballroom and being mesmerized by the beauty of flowers, candles , lights & music. More than dreams, I knew one day, if I kept dreaming it, visualizing it, believing it and working towards it- it would translate from that “other realm” to my very own, reality.

Today, 13 years later- I have my event planning company. #JSXXTRAPAIROFHANDS

I am living my dream. How does it feel you wonder? Dang wonderful! From that point forward, after creating those beautiful foam lamps, I found myself creating everyone’s birthday parties , special dinner celebrations, holiday gatherings and assisting with friend's weddings from center pieces to coordinating small details the day of. While still at church, I even got to work the soundboard and “cue the wedding marching song” , for a friend’s wedding. #weddingcoordination #weddingplanner

Owner, Founder - Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago, event planner.


Although I have spent most of my career working in the business management world, in there- I learned how to manage events from one of the most important aspects of it all, a “business mind”. #businessmanagement

I learned to develop and manage budgets; I created processes and best practices on how to “make it work” and finding the “best-most cost effective” way of doing everything- you can see how that has been beneficial when planning events. Every day I think about that baby

Princess Set up

shower , I can see the colors, the textures and patterns used for all our handcrafted decor, I remember the warm feeling of the glue gun on my right hand while holding the foam pieces together- my grandmother looked at them and said “they are beautiful Juanky, we should sell them”…

I will always remember , the foam lamps, that sparkled my future. JS. 7/10/23

Center Pieces
The Foam lamp that inspired everything!

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